Visual anthropology of indirectness

Anthropology is a branch of science that investigates all aspects of what it means to be human. This includes the study of human interaction and imagination. The core content of this section is to establish a collection of all things unconsciously present in images and the registration of indirect moments. These visual representations are not yet included in classical visual anthropology but to me they constitute an indispensable linkage to the rest of culture and society. Even if for the time being it remain an experimental project deprived of scientific foundation. It is also frisky, a gambolling around in reality that would be hard to find within classical science. What I am assembling is only just beginning to indicate the infinity of whatever is out there. By incorporating these images in a collection I seek some kind of rejoinder to this helplessness, acknowledging that I may never be able or even be willing to get a firmer grip on this reality.

The choice to ‘graphically’ describe these archetypes comes as a consequence of their nature. It is my unanticipated attempt to better understand the direct through the indirect. It is my playful philological reaction and contribution to a special way of comprehend mankind and civilisation, a constantly shifting (graphic) insight.


Patrick Ceyssens