Archetype 42: Make believe

Thanks to Steven V.

Baudrillard called this turnaround in the perception of reality the ‘precession (spin) of simulacra’. The illusion of lifestyle magazines, Hollywood films and Disney World is given preference and the reality that actually exists away from the internet and cinemas has become an evil stranger.

People create artificial worlds using what they see, hear or read in the media. The ‘instilled’ feeling of insecurity that has raised its head over the last few years is an excellent example. It is often an excess of exaggerated imagery that is perceived as the only reality.

The term simulacra comes from the allegory of the cave, related to Plato’s Theory of Form, as an allusion to a ‘false copy of reality’. Baudrillard goes on to distil the terms ‘symbol’, ‘copy’, and ‘concept’, etc.., into a single, excellent definition.